Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Windmill Size - What size of Windmill do we need for our pond to adequately aerate it??

For ponds less than an acre in size we suggest the Jet Stream model.

  • This is a single diaphragm unit has been designed and tested to produce 1.5 CFM of air in winds as low as 9 MPH.
  • Available in 12', 16', 20' and 24' towers.
  • Taller towers are recommended in areas of variable wind.

For ponds that are more than an acre in size we suggest the Turbo Jet Stream model.

  • "The most powerful windmill aeration system in the world".
  • Designed and tested to produce over 3 CFM of air in winds as low as 9 MPH.
  • It comes in 12 and 20 ft tower sizes and again the choice is yours.
  • The 20 ft model will produce more air due to improved wind velocitites at the increased height.
  • 20 ft tower is definitely recommended for areas whose winds are variable.

2) Pumping Water - Can you use the windmill aeration system to also pump water from the pond or dugout?

Yes - the windmill can be ordered with an optional pumping system that allows you to aerate your water and/or pump water from a well or water supply. It can produce a lift of up to 40ft and pump from 1.3 to 2.9 gallons/minute depending on lift

3) Windmill Height - What is the main benefit of owning a taller windmill?

The difference in height improves the performance of the Windmill by capturing faster and cleaner airflows.

4) Installation Time - How long does it take to install a windmill?

With the straightforward installation instructions that are enclosed with your order or available on-line it should take two non-mechanically inclined people approximately 8 hours to install start to finish.

5) Solar vs. Windmill Aeration - What are the difference between solar aeration systems and Windmill aeration systems?

Windmill aeration systems are generally 2-4 X more powerful in generating air. In addition, the maintenance of batteries and solar panels is twice as costly to maintain and 4 x more time consuming.

6a) Windmill Maintenance - How long do the diaphragms last before they need changing?

Superior Windmill has developed a rubber-molded diaphragm that lasts at least 18 months and depending on the wind, environment and application may last up to 5 years.

6b) Windmill Maintenance - Are all the bearings that assist the Windmill's moving parts sealed?

Yes - there is no need to climb up the windmill and continually grease the bearings.

7) Strong Winds - What happens if the winds become very strong?

Superior Windmills are built with an extra large tail that automatically feathers itself out and gauges itself accordingly with wind velocity. If the wind is too strong it will steer the blades completely out of the wind.

8) Air Diffuser - Does the air diffuser that breaks the large bubbles up into tiny ones need to be placed in the deepest area of the pond or dugout.

Yes, to maintain maximum aeration and circulation its beneficial to place the diffuser in the deepest area of the water source.

9) Freeze Control Unit - Is the alcohol used in the tank safe for the water and fish stocked ponds?

All alcohol is poisonous in higher concentrations. Isopropyl alcohol is the safest and most effective de-icer and causes no harm to pond life in the concentrations dispensed by the Freeze Control Unit.

10) Strength of Steel - What gauge of steel is used to build Superior Windmills?

Superior Windmills are made of high end galvanized steel with a gauge strength of up to .8 mm. Their weight and strength helps them stand up against fierce Northern Winds.

11) Multiple Diffusers - To provide maximum circulation in my pond and to help prevent mosquito larva from hatching (West Nile concerns) can we attach more than one air diffuser to the windmill aeration systems?

Many of our customers are adding as many as 3 air diffusers to a single windmill aeration system. Adding multiple air diffuser units is only recommended with the Turbo Jet Stream model. The main reason is because this is the only unit on the market that can truly produce enough air to sufficiently operate multiple diffusers. Each additional air diffuser is $59.95 and can be ordered here.

12) Online Store - Do you have an online store?

Yes, you can see our Online Store here.

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