Congratulations on the purchase of your Superior Windmill. You are now the owner of North America's most superior wind powered aeration system. Proper maintenance and assembly will lead to a long life of service for your new system.

Installation and Maintenance Manuals

Theory of Operation

Under the water's surface there are aerobic bacteria feeding on organic matter, which consumes large quantities of oxygen. When this oxygen becomes depleted, hydrogen sulfide gas is produced as a byproduct. This causes the water to turn black and a foul odor follows, similar to rotting eggs. When you use a Superior Windmill the water stays aerated preventing this problem from happening. You can be assured that by using our double diaphragm (TURBO JET STREAM) pump, the oxygen level in your water remains higher and your water even cleaner.

Crop Farmers

Farmers have water dugouts and ponds in selected areas of their fields to provide cost effective irrigation for their crops and ensuring that poisonous bacteria is not transmitted into their harvests.

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Golf Courses

Courses need these aeration systems to help oxidize the waste that is being created by ducks and other birds. The smell combined with the odd looking color of the water has driven many ...

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Cattle Farmers

Farmers have water dugouts and ponds scattered all over their property providing clean drinking water for grazing cattle and horses ensuring their animals remain healthy and strong.

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Residential Ponds

These recreational applications often apply in order to eliminate the foul smell of rotten eggs caused by stagnated water. The clean, clear water looks good and also helps reduce mosquitoes in the area.

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Drinking Water Reservoirs

Superior Windmill effectively circulates large areas of water with no energy requirements thus helping keep the drinking water healthy and clean.

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Fish Hatcheries

Fish Hatcheries need extra oxygen in their water to burn up additional amounts of pollution created by the large amounts of fish waste and to lower the amount of fish kill caused by the lack of oxygen.

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