Freeze Kit - 30009


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  • This freeze kit includes plastic tank, air gauge ,self regulating valve assembly, and mounting hardware

By continuing to aerate your pond during the winter months you will ensure that your pond doesn't freeze over. Superior freeze control is a self-regulating system that protects against line freeze and blockage by monitoring line pressure at all times. When ice deposits in the line cause an increases in back pressure, the spring loaded valve at the bottom of the freeze control tank opens releasing a small amount of isopropyl alcohol into the line, as needed allowing the line to clear. Once the line clears the pressure is released causing the valve to close again and operation resumes.

Superior freeze control can also be used to locate leaks in the air line. If the air pressure drops below the normal operating range, the check valve at the end of the air line closes preventing any aeration process to continue. Making note of the initial pressure gauge reading when you first begin the aeration process will help you quickly and easily check up on the operating effectiveness of your Superior Windmill.

Maintaining and using a Superior Freeze Control system is made easy. Simply fill up the white tank with a few gallons of any alcohol based product, PREFERABLY ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL and attach the container at the 4 ft level of one of the tower's legs so you can still monitor the gauge and fill the alcohol tank.


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