Re: Assembly

Hi Doug,

I just wanted to let you know that my new superior windmill is up and is working beautifully. The assembly was far easier than I had anticipated. You had told me that the assembly was an easy process but I was skeptical. For someone like myself who is not mechanically inclined it was a very quick and easy process. I had heard horror stories from people who own Koender windmills regarding how difficult it was to assemble the head unit. With Superior Windmill's design assembling the head unit was simple. One of my friends who helped erect my windmill owns two Koender windmills. He was favorably impressed with the quality and design of my windmill. He was amazed that the Superior Windmill has twice the air pumping capacity as compared to his Koender windmill.

I also want to thank you and the staff at Superior Windmills. Everyone whom I had an opportunity to speak with were always knowledgeable, helpful, and very polite and cordial. I have already shown my windmill to two prospective customers and will certainly continue to recommend your product to anyone interested in wind aeration systems. I feel quite confident in telling people that it is my opinion that your windmill is far superior to any other windmill that is on the market.

Once again thank you to you and your staff.


Crop Farmers

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Cattle Farmers

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Residential Ponds

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Drinking Water Reservoirs

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Fish Hatcheries

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